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Prior to his work on Chompers 3D, Jesse produced and directed 3 short videos entitled “The Wreckoning”.  Here is the first in that series.

“Borrowed Skin”

from “The Wreckoning”

Directed by Jesse Blanchard


The day of reckoning has arrived.  The Chompers 3D team has finally unleashed unto the world.  The site is in 3D and will require red/blue glasses.  Check out  the website itself to get your own free pair.  Hope you all enjoy and check back soon for more Chompers 3D news.

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Check out the “New Look” for 2011.

Send us a photo of yourself in your own Chompers glasses and if you don’t have any, contact us to get your own personal free pair.

Hey Everyone,

Here is  an introduction to Jesse’s vision.  We’ll be coming out with some exciting 3D content in the upcoming weeks.

Enjoy and don’t forget to contact us to get your custom-made Chompers 3D glasses.

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