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Candy gets her close-up

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Candy gets her close-up

Candy is ready for her debut in Chompers. Check out this 3D close-up of our star


Chompers Maquette By Erin Debray

Chompers is brought to life is this wonderful maquette by Erin Debray. Put on your 3D shades to see it in all its glory

I’ve done an overview video of the process. I would suggest watching it first here.

Components you need

2 Projectors
2 Polarizing Filters (linear or circular) and matching Cicular/Linear Polarized Glasses
Silver Screen
Computer for playback
software (VLC for Mac or Stereoscopic Player PC)
DVI to HDMI Cables (optional)

Setting up a 3D theater is actually pretty easy but it does require very specialized parts.

A Silver Screen from Strong/MDI with their frame

Overview – The way this system works is, you project two images, one for each eye, onto a screen. The light of each image is polarized to match a pair of glasses that the viewer wears. The lenses filter each video out leaving each eye viewing on of the two images. A special silver screen preserves the polarization of the light. This is very close to the system used in the theaters today and can even work with RealD glasses. Note- this set-up requires stereoscopic movies and will not work with 3D Blu-ray. I’m sure this is possible but I don’t know how to make that extra step.

Projectors – The first thing you need is a couple projectors. It would be great if they matched but they don’t have to. The resolutions don’t have to match either but it will probably make your life easier. The important part is that you can match the two played back images perfectly. It’s also good to get as bright of projectors as you can. There are two sets of filters involved an each will cut down the light. I’ve heard that 2k projectors work fine. Of course, the darker you get your theater the better. I used Infocus Projectors and I’m very happy with the result. One other note – I’ve been using a pair of DVI-to-Cables that I am very happy with. I had trouble with the computer seeing the exact same projectors as the same resolution. These cables solved the problem.

Silver Screen -Aim both projectors at your silver screen (You can get yours from either Awater3D or StrongMDI, I’ve used both and they are great). Get both images to overlap perfectly. I used a focus chart for one projector and an inverted focus chart for the other. This make aligning the images easier. You have to use a silver screen otherwise the images will loose their polarization when they reflect and the filters won’t work. Other options include silver screen paint (which I have not tried, supposedly works but you need to apply to a very flat surface and use a sprayer). Vintage silver screens will also work. The image looks great and you can find them for as little as $20 online.
Filters – Next, you’ll need a set of polarizing filters. You have two options here. You can get two linear polarizers such as these  or a set of circular polarizers such as these from Awater 3D or these from American Polarizers. I’ve used both and they are excellent. Circular Polarizers will match Real D glasses while linear require their own glasses – such as these.

Align the filters –
Linear polarizers work at 45° to each other. Most likely you’ll need to tip each filter like a diamond to align it correctly. You can hold it up to a pair of linear 3D glasses to check alignment. It should black out one eye and let light pass through the other. Do the opposite for the opposite eye.

Circular Polarizers work differently. They have a front and back and a left and right. Again use your circular polarized glasses to test the orientation of each filter. I’ve used fitters from both Awater3D and American Polarizers. Each are great and come labeled. If there is a notable loss in resolution when the filter is applied check to see that you have removed all the protective laminates that come of the filters.

Playback – Stereoscopic Movies come in several formats. However, they all operate under the same principal – show the viewer two different movies at the same time. To do this, usually you are actually playing back two movies at the same time or one movie file that has each view squished into it either side-by-side or over-under. Each playback method requires special software.

For Macs use VLC Player – File> Advanced Open File> Play Another Media  Synchronously. I’ve used this to watch 90 minutes of stereo content with perfect sync. note – it’s not easy to jump around with VLC player. You pretty much have to hit play and watch. You can also configure it to playback Side-by-side movies using the wall filter. This is pretty tricky but works great once set-up.



For PCs – Stereoscopic Player is the software to use. There are other freeware options out there but I haven’t tried them. They seem to get very little use – it’s up to you what you want to use.

That’s everything you need. Respond below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have. Good Luck!

Make sure to check out my last 3D Short Shine here.

We’ve ust received some great news. Shine has been selected to the LA 3D Film
Festival. The festival will be held Sep 22nd-25th. If you’re in the Los Angeles area come on down.

Here’s the link to the festival.

Watch fullscreen for best depth.

Shine is the first little piece of the Chompers’ world brought to life. In this piece you’ll see some of the pacing, humour, and, of course, puppets that will make the Chompers world.

Why Puppets?

About a month ago I finished storyboard panel 2,505. As I sat there looking at the story and action that the script called for I realized I would have to make huge sacrifices if I tried to make the movie they way I’ve made most of my other shorts. The movie is just too big. Too much action, too much gore, too much good stuff. I want to show the audience the whole movie. Not some watered down compromise. Since I had already committed to making the monster a puppet, it wasn’t that big of a leap to making the whole movie with puppets.

But first, a test film.

In order to see if I could carry it off, I decided to make a narrative test short. The result is Shine. I am very happy with the way it turned out and more confident than ever that Chompers is gonna be great.

Our Man Is

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Prior to his work on Chompers 3D, Jesse produced and directed 3 short videos entitled “The Wreckoning”.  Here is the second in that series.



Directed by Jesse Blanchard

Prior to his work on Chompers 3D, Jesse produced and directed 3 short videos entitled “The Wreckoning”.  Here is the first in that series.

“Borrowed Skin”

from “The Wreckoning”

Directed by Jesse Blanchard

The day of reckoning has arrived.  The Chompers 3D team has finally unleashed unto the world.  The site is in 3D and will require red/blue glasses.  Check out  the website itself to get your own free pair.  Hope you all enjoy and check back soon for more Chompers 3D news.

Chompers 3D Poster

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We weren’t sure if everyone was ready for this, as this image is liable to blow everyone’s mind, but here is the first official Chompers 3D poster done by stellar Artist, Wes Moore.  If you like this, which we’re sure you will, check out Wes’s website .

New Chompers 3D shades.

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We’ve been sending Chompers 3d shades all over the world. They’ve landed in hands are far away as Serbia. To make things more fun, we’re doing litmited runs in each color. Here’s the latest design.